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From NPC to AI expert

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The AI revolution is here to stay. Upgrade your everyday with powerful new AI tools and workflows. Get ahead of the curve and join our waitlist. We will let you know when we start opening up Scratch - be sure to register, early access will be limited!


Interactive Tutoring

Scratch provides interactive tutoring that guides you step-by-step through the process of writing effective prompts for Large Language Models (LLMs). Our user-friendly tutorials are designed to help you master AI communication quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re in marketing, sales, HR, finance, or accounting, our platform offers real-time feedback and suggestions to ensure your prompts are precise and impactful. With Scratch, you’ll gain the confidence to use AI effectively in your professional tasks.


Automatic rewrites

Say goodbye to ineffective AI prompts with Scratch’s automatic rewriting feature. Our platform instantly improves your prompts, ensuring they are refined and tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re crafting marketing content, sales pitches, HR communications, financial reports, or accounting statements, Scratch enhances your prompts to perfection. With our automatic rewrites, you can achieve better outcomes and streamline your workflow, all without the need for technical expertise.


Personalized Experience

Scratch offers personalized solutions for your business, adapting to your specific domain and requirements. Our platform learns from your interactions, providing you with the most relevant and effective prompts for your industry. Whether you’re in marketing, sales, HR, finance, or accounting, Scratch ensures your AI communication is optimized for success. Experience the benefits of personalized AI prompts that enhance your professional capabilities and drive your business forward.

Can I get the prompt writing ebook without signing up for your waitlist?

If you don't want to join our waitlist, it is also perfectly possible to purchase the Introduction to ChatGPT for Business Professionals ebook on Gumroad or use our Custom GPT with GPT-4o.