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Scratch is free, web-based programming language used by educators, students, hobbyists. Its user interface is graphical programming language that is easy to use and provides a lot of useful information for beginners It also provides a lot of sample projects that you can replicate and that may help learn.

Program was originally created by MIT Media Lab professor, Mitch Resnick. The Scratch game is great way teaching kids coding, but it's also great way for everyone to express their creativity. 

There is an option of Scratch download free on your Windows or MacOS. It is not an application for creating any type of programming language, but rather it is used teaching someone how to code in an easy-to-learn environment. 


Application is easy at use. Most Scratch Windows users should be capable of starting using this app with little or no instruction.  But if you need help, there is an information button on top right corner of the screen. Tapping on button will show a tutorial or help menu. The tutorials are easy to follow and show step by step instructions.


There are a lot of features in Scratch. One of them is that app has variety of projects that may replicate and learn from. It has simple dashboard with a list of projects. 

The dashboard has customizable background and search bar on the top. The bar could use to find project by name.

Important features of application:

  • Lots of blocks with text to show messages, control game actions, store information;
  • Drag-and-drop spatial interface;
  • There is a downloadable version or you can play Scratch online;
  • Online coding environment;
  • There are many Scratch unblocked games;
  • Program can be used to create games, animations, stories.

This program is great way to get kids interested in technology, you can get Scratch on majority of operating systems.


The interface is very simple and has very basic design which makes even children could easily learn how to use it. Scratch computer version interface is very user friendly and easy understand. It consists of many squares that can be clicked on to navigate through different parts of application. 

You change view of interface by clicking on "View" button on the right side of navigation bar.

The Actions section is where input programming instructions for your game. There are different blocks to choose from, adding instructions is as easy as dragging them from block palette to workspace.

The Blocks section contains all blocks you can use to create your game. The Blocks are divided into different topics, so it's easy finding what you're looking for.

The Costumes section is where choose characters that will appear in your game. You could choose from wide range of characters that are already created or could use the editor to create your own. The editor is very easy to use, it's perfect for kids who are just learning to code.

The Sounds section is where create sound effects and music for your game.

The app’s interface is easy to navigate.


  • How can I get this application for myself?
    Scratch free download is available to all interested. You can simply click the download button on this page below to get the app.
  • What makes Scratch different from other programming languages?
    Scratch is designed to be fun, easy to use, so that anyone could create and share their projects.
  • What does application offer?
    App offers a wide variety of features that help you learn programming, from tutorials about programming concepts to a built-in code editor.
  • Does programm run on Linux?
    Scratch app download for Linux isn’t avalible.
  • What are programming blocks?
    The programming blocks are building blocks of Scratch. These blocks are used to create scripts


Overall, Scratch is an excellent tool for beginners to learn programming. It is easy to use, has many features. Program is compatible with both Mac or PC. Application may be used by educators, students, hobbyists, also it is free. For those who need it, program has a tutorial that is easy to follow along with being informative.

I think that this was a very helpful application, very organized, and easy to use. I liked how it is in classroom setting. I would highly recommend this app.

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